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Project Details

 Take a Girl Like You directed by Nick Hurran

Published in 1960 by Kingsley Amis. The hero is Patrick Standish (Rubert Graves) and his loverly conquest Jenny Bunn (Sienna Guillory). Ms Bunn moves South to follow her career as a primary school teacher and soon the fun and games begin with her lecherous landlord (Robert Daws), the landlords wife Martha (Emma Chambers), Graham McClintoch (Ian Driver), our rich Julian Ormerod (Hugh Bonneville), the exotic Anna Le Page (Kathy-Kiera Clarke). This all adds up to a potion for sex and seduction.


Post Codes

Short Film directed by Netta Keida. Trials and tribulations of finding an apartment in London. Simon discovers that his 'Princess' (Kyra Williams) is not as innocent and obedient as he would like her to be. Comic interpretation of a 'yuppies' exploration, more than that would be telling.

Ransom (Retitled Bombmaker)

Director Graham Theakson's superb Television drama about an ex IRA bomb maker who is forced to make a bomb in central London to prevent an extremist from harming her kidnapped daughter. Portrayed an MI5 agent in the tense action within the police special branch crisis centre as the bomb is seconds away from going off.